Introducing Anna Pearl!


Here she is!

She's awake!

After a bath with brother

Ready for bed

One very proud big brother!

Can someone tell me....

How in the world do I add links to other people's blogs?

Update for you.....yes, I am talking to you!

Things are going okay here. I have been getting some slack lately about not being online much and it is not that I have not been online. I've just been hanging out in some different corners of the internet...a lot of time at MDC lately. As most of you know, we are actively TTC again. It's crazy, let me tell you. This cycle was a wash, but we both have a lot of hope for the next month. December 4th sounds like a good due date, doesn't it? We'll know by the end of March. And due to the doctor's HUGE mistake this past cycle, this next ultrasound and IUI is on the house. We only have to buy the Clomid ($19), hcg trigger ($83), and genetic material of the Sexy Cop ($400). Woo-hoo!

We have been going to the Y again lately. I was doing really well at going until I got pregnant. I was too tired that first trimester to do anything but fall into bed at 6:30 pm. Then after the baby died, I just did not give a fuck to go. Plus, I was working until 8:30 several nights per week. We went to the Y tonight and signed up for a Mind & Body Pass. For $50 each, we have unlimited access to yoga and pilates for the next six weeks. They offer 4 pilates and 5 yoga classes per week. My goal is to go to two classes per week.

I am officially done with school and have been since the first week of December. The new house is great, although very far from being completed. I am not sure how much we can do on the new house until the old one sells.....yup, we are still paying two mortgages and have been since July. Ugh. We are really lucky to have two incomes. I am feeling better about work. Therapy really wears me down sometimes....I have noticed I really feel it in the winter. After very, very careful consideration, I have decided to stay with my agency. I do like the work. I believe in the mission of the agency and I really like working with the families. The marriage/relationship therapy can be hard, sometimes. No matter how stressed I get, I always feel more positive when a family is reunified. It makes the late nights and stress worth it. I can't believe it's been almost two years that I have been with the agency. Only one more year until I can sit for the LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist). They said that once I have a baby, I can work half-time. I would be expected to do 8.5 direct therapy hours per week for 1/2 the salary and 1/2 the vacation time. No insurance, but I can be on K's. I am going to insist that I be allowed to keep my 401k when I switch to half-time. I figure I can do get my 8.5 hours in one full day and one evening per wee. Not bad, huh?

I am getting really excited for summer. I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market downtown. I love that place! If you haven't been, let me know and we will go together. They have such fresh produce and being that it is all locally grown, purchasing it helps sustain the local economy, supports local farmers, and does not depend on as much fuel as produce being shipped from across the country. Summertime also means grilling...YUM! And camping. I am so ready to get out camping this summer. Getting out the tent and taking the boys camping will surely be highlights of the summer. I am planning a very large garden and hope to plant about 25 tomato plants again this summer. This time, I really want to learn to can and have tomatos throughout the winter for sauces and spaghetti.

One of my goals is to start cooking from scratch as much as possible. I do a fairly decent job of that now, but I would like to do more. I made eggs, bacon, and biscuits for dinner the other night. Instead of using the Pillsbury biscuits from the can, I would like to make my own from scratch. Instead of using a can of Muir Glen fire roasted tomatos for spaghetti or huevos rancheros, I could use my own canned tomatos. We do not eat a lot of processed foods now, but I would really like to reduce even that amount. Instead of boxed cereal or poptarts, I would like to purchase cereal or oatmeal from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. I already get all spaghetti, spices, rice, couscous, sugar, flours, and other dry goods from their bins. I would love to have a kitchen free of any UPC code. That would mean primarily only buying fresh meat, produce, and stuff from the bins!

I really, really need to add pictures of my new niece, Pearlie. She will be three weeks old this upcoming Sunday. K and I were fortunate enough to be at her birth. It was a really great homebirth. Of course I say that....I was not the one giving birth. She was 5lbs. 6 ozs. and 19 inches. Beautiful, of course.


Isn't this special?

The boys' bedroom has been stinking lately like gas. The gas meter is directly outside their bedroom window and we figured that is why it smelled so strongly in their room. I called the gas company a few weeks ago and they found a leak in the meter. Fixed. Great, right? Wrong. We continued to smell that smell. I called the gas company again last week. They came out and found yet another leak. The room continued to stink and kept getting worse.

Finally, K was thinking about going to the Y this past weekend and went to put on a tennis shoe. This shoe was in the closet in the stink bedroom. She felt something in her shoe and upon closer inspection, found a freaking dead mouse decomposing in the toe of her shoe. She threw the body in the yard and left the shoe on the front porch. Man, it smelled something fierce. Wicked bad. The smell? The same smell as had consumed the bedroom. And K had mentioned a few weeks earlier that the smell seemed to come from the closet. She thought that perhaps the gas leak was from a pipe or something in the closet.

Gas smell? Apparently not. It was the overwhelming scent of decomposing rodent. Who knew one little mouse could create such a stink.

The room has not smelled at all since the mouse was found. But I guess decomposing mice come with the territory when you buy a 100 year old farmhouse on 2 heavily wooded acres, huh?


been awhile

so, this is a new blog. i am gettting pretty tired of myspace. i will keep the account, as it is a great way to keep in touch with old friends. it just does not do it for me anymore.

i got a lot done today. i had two appointments today and was gone from 9:30 until 2:45. the more i think about it, it may be time for a new job. i am really tired of getting home so late.....it is often 8:30 or later when i get home. i have applied for a job at the VA, but I do not think that i will get that one yet....it often takes a long time to get on there. i am very confident that i will get the job at dcs. sure of it. just not sure if i want it. but it will get me home earlier at night, which will be important once the baby comes.

speaking of the baby......we have tried again and are going to start testing late this week. i am trying to keep calm, but i know i will not be completely secure until i see the heartbeat and have passed the first trimester. not until then. the baby dying still seems so unfair....i was only a day away from the second trimester. i do okay most of the time, but occasionally find tears running down my face when i am alone or all is quiet.