Isn't this special?

The boys' bedroom has been stinking lately like gas. The gas meter is directly outside their bedroom window and we figured that is why it smelled so strongly in their room. I called the gas company a few weeks ago and they found a leak in the meter. Fixed. Great, right? Wrong. We continued to smell that smell. I called the gas company again last week. They came out and found yet another leak. The room continued to stink and kept getting worse.

Finally, K was thinking about going to the Y this past weekend and went to put on a tennis shoe. This shoe was in the closet in the stink bedroom. She felt something in her shoe and upon closer inspection, found a freaking dead mouse decomposing in the toe of her shoe. She threw the body in the yard and left the shoe on the front porch. Man, it smelled something fierce. Wicked bad. The smell? The same smell as had consumed the bedroom. And K had mentioned a few weeks earlier that the smell seemed to come from the closet. She thought that perhaps the gas leak was from a pipe or something in the closet.

Gas smell? Apparently not. It was the overwhelming scent of decomposing rodent. Who knew one little mouse could create such a stink.

The room has not smelled at all since the mouse was found. But I guess decomposing mice come with the territory when you buy a 100 year old farmhouse on 2 heavily wooded acres, huh?

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