More Belly Pictures....

I will write a real post later. Above pictures are 26 weeks, 1 day.


24 weeks....

Above are the latest pictures....just taken this afternoon. This is going to be a short post, as I am feelings kinda blah. Tell you what, these damn hormones are going nuts! I have been in a crying mood for most of the day, but I couldn't tell you why.
On the bright side, we had an appoinment with the midwife this past Wednesday. Everything is really good. Colette is still transverse, but it's no big deal at 24 weeks....she has plenty of time to turn. According to my scale at home, I have gained 2lbs. According to the midwife's scale, I have gained 1lb.
We are still trying to think of middle names for Colette. Any suggestions?


Belly Pictures @ 22 weeks, 2 days

Check out my awesome belly! I have been taking pictures each week, but have not posted any here yet. Whatcha think? Isn't it the best?

By the way, there is not any need to comment on the stretch marks. I like them and it's gonna be alright. I do not feel bad about them at all, so there's not any need to tell me how much it sucks that they are there or suggest any products to get rid of them. Really.

Update....first one in MONTHS

I have not done a good job of updating here. Let's see....the last post was in May. Brief recap on life since May.

1) I am still working. Blech. I like my job for the most part, I really do. It's just been very stressful and consuming lately.

2) Colette is PERFECT! We had the last ultrasound last Tuesday and she weighs one pound! She had gained six ounces in the two weeks since the previous ultraound! I guess I should back up, huh? That's right, K and I have a daughter! We can't wait to meet her. I really, really like her.

3) We just got back from vacation for 10 days. We spent the week at Lake Sunapee in NH. It was so nice to be back at the lake, although the weather was not exactly ideal. Oh, well. I ate a lot of good, good food.

4) K and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary on August 12th and our five year we've-been-together anniversary on August 9th. We were able to sneak off to P-Town for a day away from the family. We shopped, ate seafood, and to Herring Cove (clothing optional beach). The water was so flipping cold; We couldn't get in past our mid-thighs.

5) The baby has been moving so much lately. I was sitting on the couch this past week and felt something. About 20 seconds later, another something. 20 seconds later, another something. I suddenly realized Coco had the hiccups and yelled at K to come quick. She placed her hand on my belly and was able to distinctly feel her daughter hiccup. It was really something. Have I ever said that I really like this little girl?

6) We are feverishly working on getting the house ready for Coco's arrival. I want to buy a deep freezer so I can start making meals to freeze for easy eating after Coco is born. Soup, lasagna...what other ideas do you all have? The house really is coming along, but there is so much left to be done.

7) I am getting a bit nervous about the birth. I know I can do it, but I am scared. I occasionally have moments of panic where I think, "Shit! A homebirth? What the hell was I thinking? This is gonna hurt...." I am not sure how I will handle the pain of childbirth, especially since I do not have anything to compare it to. Hopefully the birthing tank will take the edge off of the contractions. I know it will be okay. It may suck, but it won't last forever. We start Bradley Classes the first week of October. Hopefully I will learn some really good relaxation exercises to help me through the contractions. Funny thing is, I am more concerned about transition than anything else. That's the shit that scares me.

8) It's been almost two years since K was diagnosed with cancer. The first two years without a relapse is huge. Such a relief. I really like her, too.

It's time for bed. I will post more later and it won't take me four months!