I won! I won!

I am such a dork. I have been needing some new clothes so badly and decided to buy some from e-bay. See, I have this wicked obsession with Banana Republic and, well, finances do not exactly enable me to shop there until the old house sells. I will say it again: Two mortgages sucks...especially when one is a hundred year old farmhouse with $500 per month heating bills. Ouch! But I digress....

So, I bought two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, a hoodie, and a beautiful pink babydoll shirt off e-bay this weekend. All Banana Republic. I just really like how their clothing fits and looks on me. Plus, it is appropriate for work. Not too stuffy, not too casual. Two pairs of jeans have arrived already. One fits and one does not. I am curious how they will all fit. And it feels good to be buying used clothing from an environmental standpoint.

Anyone have experience buying clothing off e-bay? I think I might start selling stuff on there, too. I have tons of clothes that I could possibly make some money off of, but I feel torn because I typically like to donate stuff like that to the Julian Center. Decisions, decisions.

Tonight was good. I got certified on this assessment tool that everyone working in Marion County has to do. The boys were here and we had a great time. We played hide and seek, tag, kickball, and blew bubbles.

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