24 weeks....

Above are the latest pictures....just taken this afternoon. This is going to be a short post, as I am feelings kinda blah. Tell you what, these damn hormones are going nuts! I have been in a crying mood for most of the day, but I couldn't tell you why.
On the bright side, we had an appoinment with the midwife this past Wednesday. Everything is really good. Colette is still transverse, but it's no big deal at 24 weeks....she has plenty of time to turn. According to my scale at home, I have gained 2lbs. According to the midwife's scale, I have gained 1lb.
We are still trying to think of middle names for Colette. Any suggestions?


Lisa said...

We tried again - didn't work. We've agreed to wait until after I finish this semester to try again. It's too hard to balance working, school and the emotions of TTC.
Bethan thought she had a hammock until a week before the c-section. She used M's ribs as a footrest.
She's up to 7 teeth and can basically run. Just had her check-up and is at the 92 percentile for height (31 inches tall).
Very happy to hear your daughter is doing well.

Christina said...

Here are some of the middle names that came to mind.

Christina (I know this one you like the best)

Ellie74 (from MDC) said...

I think Colette would sound great with another 2-syllable, French-ish middle name.

Colette Marie
Colette Adele
Colette Elise
Colette Inez
Colette Nicole