This is getting to be routine.....

We are getting ready to go see the OB in a few hours. Again. I think I am going to poop if she says I still have not dilated or effaced at all.

Truth be told, it'll be okay. Kerri and I both have sinus infections and she also has pink eye. The thought of pushing out a baby without full operation of both nostrils (all the while hacking up green nastiness) is not my idea of a fun time.

Coco must be waiting until we're not sick anymore. You think she can get sick in there? Can the sinus infection pass through the placental barrier. Probably not, right? Because it's centered in my sinus cavity?

40 weeks tomorrow.....

Wanna hear a secret? I am getting really nervous about the thought of pushing Coco out....whoa. The thought of it kinda makes my head swirl just a little bit. I am a bit freaked and Kerri thinks it will be amazing. Easy for her say, huh? It's not her snatch. ;)

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